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Re: NFC: FL collecting

Ty Hall wrote: 

>>  I may be heading down in early March (for the Daytona 
>>  Bike Run) and if anyone would like to get together and 
>>  do a collecting trip, let me know.  I'll be staying in 
>>  Interlachen, which is close to Gainesville. I'd love to do 
>>  some collecting "Florida style" and can carve a day out 
>>  of my biking schedule.

By incredible coincidence, I live in Interlachen (as Ty already knows). The magnitude of this coincidence is exemplified by saying that if all the residents of Interlachen had voted for Gore, the recent presidential election would still have teetered in (?on) the balance. 

I still haven't been to Poe Springs as Robert Rice suggests, and it's not far away, but there's also a nice place by Rodman Dam that's only 15 minutes from Interlachen, where we can get some local killies (flagfish [Jordanella floridae], bluefins [Lucania goodei], golden-ear topminnows [Fundulus chrysotus] and maybe F. lineolatus) plus other common locals like native sailfin mollies, Heterandria formosa, Elassoma sp., "swamp darters", Damnbusia, various sunfish etc. 

Just remember that if you plan on selling those Daytona bikers a lot of those "betta vases" with patriotic flagfish posing as bettas, you'll need a Florida fish dealer's license.  Ditto if you plan on selling "turn your old helmet into a fishbowl" conversion kits (assuming you provide a "free fish" as an inducement, of course).  <g>

Are you a "trailer the bike down" (so there's a truck involved that could haul some fish back home) or "two-wheels all the way" kind of traveler ?

Doug Dame
Interlachen FL