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NFC: Fw: January 15, January 24 Ichetucknee Events

River Lovers,
    This is a preliminary announcement with more details to come.  
Ichetucknee Mobilization plans a rally on Monday, January 15 at the 
Anderson/Columbia Cement Kiln site.  Monday is Martin Luther King Day.
    If you have never visited the Ichetucknee River during winter, come
the rally and enjoy swimming in the warmer-than-air Ichetucknee, or
kayak, or hike in the Park.
    This rally will call attention to the land use law case to be argued
Tallahassee by Bill Ogle and the Attorney General's office on January 24.
Many river lovers will attend the appeal argument.
    Come to see how Suwannee/American created a buffer zone around the 
offending kiln.
Virginia Seacrist
SICK, Chairperson