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NFC: Re: Getting there

I've had extremely good luck with the Penguin Bio-Wheels for what it's
worth.  I guess I've always had pretty hardy fish though.  My water has
always been crystal clear and I've never had a tank smaller than 55 gallons.
I don't know how much pet stores charge, but I always bought mine at the BX
on a Air Force base.  $19.95 for the 170's and there's no tax.  They have a
smaller one...a 120 or 100 maybe...those run like $14.95.  I think the rule
of thumb I heard is that you should cycle through the entire volume of your
tank at least twice an hour.

Good luck!
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I guess it was about a year ago when I found the NFC site, while I was
searching the net for something on native fish, thinking I would like to
some day soon set up an aquarium. I have'nt yet become a member because I
figured I'd wait until I at least had a tank, well as of Christmas, I now
have a 38 gal tank with hood and stand.
Everyone on the list has been very helpful with my many questions and I now
have my choices down to two,for which type of filters I will use. If I go
with a power filter I'll buy the Aqua Clear 300, but I am starting to lean
towards a canister filter and my choice there would be the Eheim Plus 2213.
So it looks like I'm getting there and soon to be a member of the NFC. A
"rookie fish head" in the making. Just thought this would be a little change
from all the " poitical stuff "