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Re: NFC: FL collecting

Robert, I may have misinformed by the man in the green uniform when he
stopped to talk to me one day and if you get a small sunfish or crappy(sp?)
wouldn't that get you too? JiM C.

PS: I am also into the freedom of speech. Everyone has the right to present
their views on anything they wish. They, and that is everyone with a
computer and is in hearing/seeing range, has a delete key and knows how to
use it too.

I like reading about the different issues, but shouldn't act on them due to
my full and part time jobs. Heck they my bosses( the big one's in D.C.) sent
out a memo that we couldn't joke about our Top Dog.  Soon he'll be just a
plain old dog like the rest of us. JC

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> as long as you do not catch the defined sportfish in the license (yep I
> was the consultant on that part) you can collect non game species without
> a license. Resident or out of state.
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