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Re: NFC: Re: political stuff...


I'm not interested in dragging each issue through the mud, but when a
political action notice is posted that is blatantly partisan or worse yet
just won't fix the problem, it is important for each side of the issue to be
heard before putting it to rest.

Like Wright said, "I, personally, do not mind postings about what the
government wants to do to
restrict my freedom further, but please bear with me if I take the time to
answer such postings here."   If it is right to hear one side, it won't hurt
to hear a couple of other points of view and then let everyone make up their
own minds.  I'm not going to beat any dead horses.  But if a political
action notice is posted, and I have a strong disagreement with it, I'll
probably say my peace and move on.  I would hope others would be encouraged
to do the same.

Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
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> Chris,
> Im glad that list members are politically active I think that is a good
> thing. My only concern is that on this list
> we deal mainly with
> the conservation issues more than the political ones. For the case
> for/against artic drilling there are good points on both sides and I
> think a discusssion of them is great along with the examples of eco
> hypocrisy. Those are things we should all be aware  of. I just dont want
> the list or the nFC to get so glogged up with /against one party/group
> that we become a mouth peice for a political party instead of a mouth
> peice for conservation.
> Robert Rice NFC  President
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