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NFC: Eelways

Hello all,
I'm pretty excited as I've just been contacted by the Massachusetts EOEA (Executive Office of Environmental Affairs) and asked to participate in a new project of theirs this year.
Seems they're taking a look at the feasability of removing the furthest downstream dams on a handful of rivers here in western Mass.  They'd like to get a feel for the numbers and types of fish that would travel past the site of the dam to the upper pool if they were given the chance, so they're going to have a resident eel "expert" install eelways at each of these dams.  Then they need someone (me) to monitor the eelways, record the numbers and types of fish using them, and release them upstream of the dam.
Specific details and timelines have yet to be worked out, but it's their number one priority for the watershed I live in, so I don't doubt the project will fly.
Anyone ever seen an eelway or know how they're designed?  Can I really expect to find a representative sample of fishes in it?  The gentleman from the EOEA didn't know, but will be putting me in touch with the expert next month.  Regardless, I'm tickled pink that they sought me out.
Thanks for listening to me rant (rave?)
Mike Duffy