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Re: NFC: political stuff...

How can I object?

Good question.

I can object because I know that saying "no" to the Arctic drilling does not
fix anything.  It just moves the problem to someone else's back yard.  We
have a fairly constant (if not growing) demand for petroleum products, so
oil must be drilled at close to a fixed or predictable rate.  If it is not
drilled one place, it will be drilled somewhere else.  So the way I see it,
moving the problem doesn't solve anything.  The way to fix the problem is to
ensure that the drilling that *is* done is done in the cleanest possible
way, with followup teams to help put back together any part of the
environment that has been disrupted as a result of the drilling.

I also think that oil companies should leave a sizable "security deposit"
with local governments in the areas where they are drilling to ensure that
if any damage is done, the money will already be there to put a rescue
operation into effect.  This way there is no waiting on the courts to award
money to the rescue fund.

Ultimately the best way to drill is in such a way that no rescue operation
is needed at all to clean up.  THAT, my friends, is where I think we need to
be devoting our attention.

In closing, I hope you see I am not "against" environmental cleanliness.  I
am just against "solutions" that really don't fix anything in the first
place.  Look down the road a little farther, and also use some peripheral
vision, and do it right the first time around.

Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
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> Keep them coming Robert, subject line i d works fine
> for those who wish to exercise their delete option. I
> find these posts very informative and have sent a
> number on with requests to representatives.
> they are needed. I think more so then those who would
> object to them. How anyone can object to a post that
> is so much at the core of what  our interests are is
> baffling to me. Perhaps they are on the wrong list?
> jake
> --- robertrice at juno_com wrote:
> > Wright and all,
> >
> > I post things that are conservation oriented  under
> > the assumation that
> > most calls to action are not perfect and have some
> > bias. Such was my last
> > post where I clearly pointed out that it was the NO
> > opinion to artic
> > drilling.
> > So given your response would folks like me to
> > abstain from such call to
> > action posts as I can not decipher who amongst our
> > list members finds the
> > post offenssive. They are simply a call to do
> > something. Perhaps the
> > wrong thing , in such cases people should discuss
> > the science as to why
> > it is the wrong decision. Folks seem a bit quick to
> > wax on about one
> > political party or another but are rather short on
> > facts. I'd personally
> > enjoy a discussion on why artic drilling is good or
> > bad, but would find
> > any discussion that starts with Dubyah is XY or Z
> > very non productive,
> > Politicians come and go and to align yourself with
> > one side or the other
> > makes you an idealog not a conservationist in my
> > opinion. It's all about
> > the fish.
> >
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