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Re: NFC: artic drilling...it can work

I have a slightly different take on this, obviously it
CAN work, but, I think a more important thought is
simply that eventually it IS going to happen. The
object then is to ensure that it is done
environmentally sound. That means strict supervision,
immediate and massive penalties for non-compliance and
holding the knife to the companys throats at all time.
That means from the driller to the mega companys
having it done with no distance isolation for them for

I hate to see it happening at this time because
reports I have read indicate that it is a limited
amount of oil and will fairly soon be exhausted.
Better to let saddam use his first.

In any case, realize it is going to happen, and then
hold those doing it by the shorthairs and be prepared
to yank them out.
--- BR0630 at aol_com wrote:
> In a message dated 01-01-09 23:29:01 EST, Wright
> wrote:
> <<  Unless you are utterly convinced that government
> always does a good job,
>  I suggest you think twice about the emotional
> rhetoric below, and then don't
>  sign it.  >>
> With all due respect to Robert, I also with Wright &
> Chris.  Oil extraction 
> can be attained at a minimal damage to the
> environment (much less than the 
> devastating forest fires we had here in Idaho last
> summer!)  As Chris 
> mentioned, environmental regulations already in
> place will assure 
> implementation of plenty of safeguards during the
> processes.  
> Bruce Scott
> Meridian, Idaho

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