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NFC: political stuff...

Wright and all,

I post things that are conservation oriented  under the assumation that
most calls to action are not perfect and have some bias. Such was my last
post where I clearly pointed out that it was the NO opinion to artic
So given your response would folks like me to abstain from such call to
action posts as I can not decipher who amongst our list members finds the
post offenssive. They are simply a call to do something. Perhaps the
wrong thing , in such cases people should discuss the science as to why
it is the wrong decision. Folks seem a bit quick to wax on about one
political party or another but are rather short on facts. I'd personally
enjoy a discussion on why artic drilling is good or bad, but would find
any discussion that starts with Dubyah is XY or Z very non productive,
Politicians come and go and to align yourself with one side or the other
makes you an idealog not a conservationist in my opinion. It's all about
the fish.

Robert Rice NFC  President
Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy