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NFC: Jaguar Cichlid

"Jaguar Cichlid" was commonly known as "Cichlasoma managuense" but I believe
it has been reassigned to a different genus since then.  It is commonly &
cheaply available in pet shops across the country simply as "managuense".
They get quite large as cichlids go, and are on the meaner end of the
spectrum.  I used to breed them in a 135 gallon tank and they literally laid
between 2,000 to 3,000 eggs every time.  They are feirce guardians of their
young, which grow quickly and defend themselves well.  That blotchy pattern
really helps break up their outline when would-be predators are looking at

Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
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> Does anyone know of a freshwater fish called a jaguar chiclid???
> It looks a lot like a oscar with a large blotchy pattern. Not much else is
> known. I will try and get a photo to put on tomarrow or the next day.
> James R. Madej
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> > I watched a special on the Travel Channel titled "The Everglades: To
> > and Back", last night. A little melodramatic but not a bad flick. Some
> good
> > underwater photography, especially of Gars, Tilapia, Bass and Bowfin.
> > where not the main thrust of the film, but the footage was good and some
> > info was provided. If it comes back around, I'd recommend it.
> >
> > Ty
> >