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Re: NFC: Fw: spawning redfin pickerel (Esox americanus)

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> anyone?
> Robert Rice NFC  President
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> From: "Mike Miltner" <miltnem at gfc_state.fl.us>
> To: <president at nativefish_org>
> Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 10:52:12 -0800
> Subject: spawning redfin pickerel (Esox americanus)
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> Hi Robert,
> Happy new year from Richloam...land of piscatorial
> plentitude. Wondering
> if you've gotten any feedback from you're flagfish
> stocking. We sent a
> couple thousand to Pinellas Co. extension and they
> were impressed with
> the filamentous algae control in a retention pond
> there. They are
> planning to stock a second pond this year.
> Have you or any of the NFC members ever tried
> spawning redfin
> pickerel...do you know if their life history or
> reproductive habits
> differ significantly from chain pickerel? Let me
> know if you have
> anything on this, or if you know anyone whose tried
> to spawn these guys.
> Hope everything is well with you. 
> Regards,
> Mike Miltner
      Some info on wild pawning habits is on the
Forida State freshwater fishing site
http://www.state.fl.us/fwc/fishing/  basicly --
adhesive egg scatterers in shallow streem weedbeds
with no protection of eggs . hope this helps a little

Bill Hoppe
Yellville Arkansas
Why Yellville ? It saves on phone bills .

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