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NFC: Serious Breeders needed

I  could use the following help.

1, Someone to work with breeding Madtoms

2. Someone to contact all old Breeders Club members and see who is still

3. Make up an Updated membership roster.

4. Work on the January Auction (ill do most of that)

5. Someone to recruit new members to the BC

6. Get me a list of species being worked with and species desired.

7. People to help the BC develop a points system where we will donate
supplies fish etc to members who score points.

People who are new to the BC can get their first brood stock, via the BC
auctions,collecting their own,trading with BC members or by someone
gifting them some starter fishes, or buying them from folks out there.
Just be legal ! Once we get going we can set up a seperate checking
account for the BC monies and the BC members can use it ot support the BC
and conservation activities as they see fit.

Pick one, pick all :) Id like to have 100 members in the BC in the next
18 months.

Robert Rice NFC  President
Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy

On Mon, 8 Jan 2001 17:07:53 -0500 "George Davis" <gwd at magpage_com>
> .  On the serious breeder 
> note, I
> will work with whatever you would like me to try.  How do I get 
> started?
>     The next Keystone Killie meeting is this coming Saturday.
> Unfortunately, I will be out of town and won't to able to toot the 
> NFC horn
> yet.  The following week is a Chesapeake Club (further away) that I 
> hope to
> make.  If so, will try to drum up enthusiasm.
> George