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NFC: Fw: Raleigh Aquarium Society Annual Workshop

January 7, 2001

Tropical Fish Expo - Carolina Aquarium Workshop XVII                

Dear friends, fellow hobbyists and sister

The Raleigh Aquarium Society will be presenting a
"Tropical Fish Expo and Carolina Aquarium Workshop
XVII" on February 24-25, 2001 at the Heather Hills
Club in Garner, NC.  The Expo will kickoff with a
Native Fish collecting trip on Friday afternoon led by
Gerald Pottern, followed by a Native Fish slide show. 
Nationally acclaimed aquarists will be speaking
throughout the day Saturday.  There will be an
informal dinner Saturday evening featuring Randy
Carey, who will give a talk on "Engineering an
Aquarium Room" to conclude the day.  On Sunday, there
will be an auction of fish, plants and aquarium
supplies and much more.

Other scheduled speakers for the Workshop Program are:

Richard Harker, author of Marine Fish and Reef -2001
Annual and experienced diver and underwater
photographer of coral reefs in the Caribbean and
Indo-Pacific on "Reef Husbandry";
Ken Davis, Past Chairman of the American Cichlid
Association and President of the Atlanta Area Aquarium
Association on "Collecting Cichlids and Native Fish in
Labbish Choa, PhD, founder of the Bio-Amazonia
Conservation International who is currently working on
"Project Piaba" in the mid-Rio Begro basin on "Buy a
Fish Save a Tree - Towards a Sustainable Ornamental
Fishery in the Amazon";
Randy Carey, noted TFH quarterly columnist, author and
member of the Minnesota Aquarium Society on "The Art
of Characins";
Mike Trzonkowski, a commercial aquatic plant grower
since 1987, Mike is also a Delaware pet store
proprietor and online plant business owner on "Aquatic
Ray Lucas, founder of the Southtowns Fish Fanciers,
Past President of the Western New York Aquarium
Society and Chairman of Kingfish Services on "Fish
Collecting in South America"; and
Chuck Rambo, Past President and honorary lifetime
member of the Pacific Coast Cichlid Association. 
Chuck is currently part of the Lake Victoria Research
and Conservation Program and one of the participants
of the Lake Victoria Species Survival Program (SSP) on
"Lake Victoria Cichlids".

For the full Workshop Schedule, please visit our
listing on NC Neighbors at:


or our website at:


If possible, please publish this information in your
newsletter and/or post on your website.  We hope to
see you and your family at the Tropical Fish Expo -
Carolina Aquarium Workshop XVII!  If you have a club,
please consider organizing a bus trip to join us at
this exciting event!

Thank you for helping us to spread the word about the
Tropical Fish Expo - Carolina Aquarium Workshop XVII! 
If you need information on auction rules, hotel
accomodations or directions, please feel free to
e-mail us at: Ltwaddle at Yahoo_com

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