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NFC: Fw: Your Calls Needed To Protect Outstanding Rivers!


WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW! Please call Secretary of the Interior Bruce 
Babbitt and urge him to ask President Clinton to declare a Siskiyou 
Wild Rivers National Monument under the Antiquities Act. President 
Clinton has only two weeks to proclaim a Siskiyou Wild Rivers 
National Monument before he leaves office. Please help ensure that we 
do not lose this great opportunity. The Siskiyou Wild Rivers National 
Monument would be the nation's first monument dedicated to protecting 
wild free flowing rivers and wild salmon and steelhead. The one 
million-acre proposed National Monument in southwest Oregon's famed 
Siskiyou Mountains is home to all or parts of the watersheds of five 
wild and scenic rivers and nine wild and scenic river candidate 
rivers. The monument declaration is needed to prevent unchecked 
mining and logging from harming sensitive habitats.

Please call and ask Secretary Babbitt him to ask the President to 
create a 1 million-acre Siskiyou Wild Rivers National Monument. We 
are on the brink of success in this effort, and your call could 
really make a difference! 

Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt: 1-202-208-6359

For more background information and to send a free fax to the 
President and the Governor of Oregon check out www.siskiyourivers.org.