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NFC: Fw: RE: Killifish / darter ???

Alex is inquiring about a mystery fish, possibly id'd as a "big scale log perch."

A great reference on all introduced fish (and actually other critters too) is the US Geological Survey's web-site for Non-Indigenous Aquatic Species. Book-mark this URL ... http://nas.er.usgs.gov/  

Percina macrolepida    (Stevenson 1971)

Common Name: bigscale logperch. 


Unfortunately, they don't have a picture on this particular species.  The distribution map shows it is now widespread throughout the middle (vertically) of California, except in the extreme north and south ends.

The description of the [regular] logperch, Percina caprodes (Rafinesque 1818), includes the following as Remarks:

>>  Remarks: Reports in the literature of this species being 
>>  introduced to California (Shapovalov et al. 1959; 
>>  McKechnie 1966c; Farley 1972; and Moyle et al. 
>>  1974a), actually refer to P. macrolepida. Although this 
>>  species was reportedly introduced into Colorado, 
>>  the species was later re-identified as P. macrolepida 
>>  (Behnke, personal communication via S. Flickinger). 
>>  The Utah introduction may also be P. macrolepida; 
>>  specimens should be re-examined. 

That makes me think the big scale log perch looks fairly much like the (regular) logperch .. since it wasn't described as a valid species until 1971 and apparently even icthy-experts can easily get them confused ... and there IS a picture of the (regular) logperch at   http://nas.er.usgs.gov/fishes/accounts/percidae/pe_capro.html

Hope this helps.

Doug Dame
Interlachen FL