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Re: where are the plecos (was: NFC: guide to keeping natives..bucket boy style)

Scott Goett asked: 

>>  Where in Boynton?  My family is down around there 
>>  and that is where I will be for most of my 2-week 
>>  vacation.  Maybe I can catch me some plecos.  

The specific address where I was, I'd have to look up .... I'll send it to you off-line from home (when I find it.) 

>From memory (aided by wwwMapQuest), I pretty sure it was a mile or two down S. Congress, which cuts across highway 804, a little west of the interstate. 

However, my impression is that ... seeing as how these all seem to be man-made drainage structures ... all these ditchy-canals are interconnected, and the large number of these critters in the particular place I was strongly suggests they'll be equally common in all the local waterways.

Go forth with the Curried Pleco recipe in your pocket, the Holy Hand-Grenade in one hand and a pitch-fork in the other, my son, and get you fishes !!!!

Interlachen FL
(Requisite disclaimer:  As I read the Florida fishing regs, you cannot legally take even trash exotic fish using either the HHG or the PF ... the above is offered as spiritual encouragement and not an actual recommendation on allowable fishing technologies.)