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Re: NFC: : Re: political thread (From The Emporer), back to collecting spam

Hold on there partner! ( to fit in with the new Pres)  Who said you couldn't
come along on our collecting trip?  You may not be able to do it the same
day as we are doing it. Because your not here right now. But there is always
room in my jeep ( and Chris's truck, but Doug's van is another story).  I
would like to be replaced on the net when there is a deep hole (unseen by
all) coming up.    Just remember, if you ride in my Jeep you can't talk
pol/rel/ or bad things about my dog.  Oh ya it's also not save to cut or
Dis. the military in my truck, unless you can show a Military ID (green
card).  I if your a member I'll help you with the cuts and dis. .  So far
Chris is almost ok to do that.   JiM C.
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> Unfortunately, its not really my place as list ..............
> collecting trips -- I live in DC, and am tired of hearing about how you
> FLorida folks get to collect!  I don't get to come along, so I shouldn't
> have to hear about it!"
> So, the bottom line is:
> Political stuff is on topic.  However, knowing where it can go, when it
> drops to flame or innane levels, its to be dropped.  Immediately.  If you
> flame or otherwise attack someone's beleifs or such, I'll unsubscribe you
> without warning.  As far as not wanting to listen to it or so forth, it
> only takes a second to hit the delete key.  I don't actually read half the
> mail I get, so trust me, having a few more to delete is no big deal.
>  end
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> > A more practical approach is to just stay on topic. We have done the
> > multiple list things it was a detriment to things. I know we all have
> > political and religious beliefs that may be in conflict but on this we
> > agree. Native fish matter and conservation matters even more
> >
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