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Re: where are the plecos (was: NFC: guide to keeping natives.. bucket boy style)

Where in Boynton?  My family is down around there and 
that is where I will be for most of my 2-week vacation. 
Maybe I can catch me some plecos.  


Quoting Doug Dame <dameda at shands_ufl.edu>:

> Chris Guppenberger, Frozen Research Biologist, wrote:
> >>  10" pleco...... Oh yea..... bring it on.... where 
do I go
> >>  to get them?   I need like a dozen so I can have a
> >>  pleco-B-Q  I need to try out a new ERP recipe on
> >>  them.... I hear curry pleco is pretty durn good so 
> >>  need some bigger ones....
> I was down in Boynton Beach visiting my son during the 
summer, and he took
> me out to see the interesting (and unknown to him) 
things in the drainage
> ditches (more like canals, really) around the 
apartment complex into which
> he had he'd just moved. There were lots of 15" plecos 
seemingly soaking up
> the sunlight in open spots in one foot deep water, and 
thousands of
> cichlids of various sizes. I subsequently identified 
the vertically striped
> 1" juvies I caught to be one of the Tilapia species, 
and the larger ones
> were probably (mostly?) the same. We saw indigenous 
predators (gar, bass)
> cruising, but I don't recall off-hand having seen any 
native sunfish.
> You wouldn't want regular 5-gal buckets to be doing 
collections of exotics
> in that kind of territory, you'd need the GuppenTruck 
(tm) loaded with
> 55-gal drums.
> Doug "frosty toes" Dame
> Interlachen FL