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NFC: Re: guide to keeping natives.. bucket boy style

Let me see "Last week" that was before six days of below 60,  I saw fish
last week too, but not today.  That like saying," Jim step over there with
the net, it ain't deep".
You want placo?  Let's hit this place in March when they are nesting and see
if we can raid the nests.  Bring a face mask and fins, the nest look to be
about four or five feet down.
I'll be up Robert's way again this weekend.  I have duty to pull at CP.
Blanding.  I get off again at 4/5 PM on Sunday, so no time to drop by.
Hey did anyone put a name to our cat fish yet?
JiM C.
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Subject: NFC: guide to keeping natives.. bucket boy style

> Jim,
> Last weekend I got grass shrimp, golden top minnow, sheepshead minnow, one
> "exocat",  and some flag fish.... Tilapia I scored an additional 14 which
> relocated to our fish farm at work for new breeding stock, they were in a
> land locked area and were suffering from the cold....  I slowly warmed
> up.... decided to grow them a little larger before I make McFloridaFish
> Sandwiches out of them... The fish are still active here...
> 10" pleco...... Oh yea..... bring it on.... where do I go to get them?   I
> need like a dozen so I can have a pleco-B-Q  I need to try out a new ERP
> recipe on them.... I hear curry pleco is pretty durn good so I need some
> bigger ones....
> That place we went to Jim I was told the Hoplosternum and Pleco are in
> thick in Spring... so maybe we can go there and clean house.. I am
> interested in finding some of the bubble nests and taking the catfish eggs
> and trying to raise them from that point....
> Get back with me...... I want to get over to the Satellite Beach,
> and Palm Bay sometime.. I was told the Satellite Beach canal system has a
> lot of exotics I have a report I got off a web site that described an area
> popular for dumping.  Also have a few places near the space center for
> collecting too in Merritt Island and Cape Canaveral I would like to look
> into as well......
> Maybe we can check that out as well....
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