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NFC: Re: Re: political thread

I'm willing to drop the topic but want to get some relevant thoughts out.

* The "C" in "NFC" is "Conservancy".  We're not just an aquarium club.
Conservation is one of the key goals of the club and like it or not, we have
to wade into the political arena to get anything serious done.

* A political action notice was posted here, as Robert frequently takes the
time to share with us.  Usually these go without comment.  I cared enough
about the issues to actually discuss it.  When an action notice is posted,
no one complains.  But as soon as the issues therein are analyzed, a few
people get upset and want to go back to talking about their tanks.  Am I to
take it that no one actually cares about these notices?  Does no one here
actually write to their elected officials?  No one care about the issues
that caused our native fish to come into danger in the first place?

The painful question has to be asked:  Is this just another aquarists club?

Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
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>     I am concerned about the recent thread of posts concerning political
> _and_ non-conservation issues.  I subscribe to this digest to learn about
> discuss fish first and conservation second.  Three of the four posts in my
> last digest addressed neither of these.
>     I have strong feelings of my own on topics recently raised (not all of
> which run contrary to those expressed here) but feel that this is the
> forum to air/ debate them.
>     Sig files are one thing, entire postings another.  I hope the people
> involved can find another outlet and leave the  subcribers with no
> in the latest threads in peace.
>     Pierre Gagne