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NFC: guide to keeping natives.. bucket boy style

Last weekend I got grass shrimp, golden top minnow, sheepshead minnow, one
"exocat",  and some flag fish.... Tilapia I scored an additional 14 which I
relocated to our fish farm at work for new breeding stock, they were in a
land locked area and were suffering from the cold....  I slowly warmed them
up.... decided to grow them a little larger before I make McFloridaFish
Sandwiches out of them... The fish are still active here...

10" pleco...... Oh yea..... bring it on.... where do I go to get them?   I
need like a dozen so I can have a pleco-B-Q  I need to try out a new ERP
recipe on them.... I hear curry pleco is pretty durn good so I need some
bigger ones....

That place we went to Jim I was told the Hoplosternum and Pleco are in there
thick in Spring... so maybe we can go there and clean house.. I am
interested in finding some of the bubble nests and taking the catfish eggs
and trying to raise them from that point....

Get back with me...... I want to get over to the Satellite Beach, Melbourne
and Palm Bay sometime.. I was told the Satellite Beach canal system has a
lot of exotics I have a report I got off a web site that described an area
popular for dumping.  Also have a few places near the space center for
collecting too in Merritt Island and Cape Canaveral I would like to look
into as well......

Maybe we can check that out as well....
Chris Guppenberger
Frozen Research Biologist
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