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Re: NFC: Re: conservation issues

Hey Chris, they're starting to crack down on the hikers, too.

A couple of years ago I took two Boy Scouts on a hike in the Cascade 
mountains, and was accosted by a couple of junior 'forest rangers'.  They 
wanted to know if we had a permit to hike in the wilderness area.

I asked what that was all about; was this not public land, and did we not 
have a right to be there?

We had no such right, he assured me.  Fortunately for us, he happened to 
have a blank form in his backpack, so I was able to fill out the form and we 
contined on our way.

Later on, I discovered that permits for access to wilderness areas are 
sometimes very difficult to obtain, especially for a group of any size.  
When I was a kid in Montana, wilderness areas were easily accessible without 
any 'red tape' to wade through...

I guess I'd have to ask how the govt has any right to keep me off of land 
that I ostensibly own (at least in part)?

But back to the hike.  We ended up at a very pretty mountain lake, caught a 
number of beautiful red-bellied native cutthroat trout, most of which were 
released, then hiked back out the same day.  A very enjoyable trip except 
for our run-in with the 'law'.

So go out and enjoy your public lands...until the government puts up a 'no 
trespassing' sign!



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>Subject: Re: NFC: Re: conservation issues
>Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 08:22:56 -0500
>But he also  wants to encourage equal access to all.
>In North Carolina there are a number of private landowners who allow 
>to ride for a small fee or sometimes for free.  If the law knew about it,
>they would probably be shut down under pressure from the Sierra Club or
>other radical environazi organization.  Yes, I use the term "environazi" to
>describe the sierra club.  A few radicals at the top are running the whole
>It is interesting how interests are at odds with one another.  I'll see a
>bill endorsed here, but then in my ATV or 4x4 forums I'll see the same bill
>being trashed because of a clause that excludes access to motor vehicles.
>You'll find most legislation by the Sierra club only lets hikers in.  If 
>hikers were blocked out, you'd not get one iota of support from them.
>The government is incapable of protecting our environment.  Nay, they are
>NOT CONSTITUTIONALLY ALLOWED to fulfill this role.  This is a big part of
>the bloat in government that can be lopped off and sold to private
>interests.  The money made from the sale cuts your taxes.  The money saved
>from lopping it off will cut your taxes.  When you look around at all the
>fat that must be trimmed from the federal level, you can clearly see how
>Harry Browne was proposing to eliminate the federal income tax altogether.
>Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
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> > Yikes henry wants to sell all public lands :)
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> > On Tue, 2 Jan 2001 22:04:42 -0500 "Chris Hedemark" <chris at yonderway_com>
> > writes:
> > > Don't lump me with them either Robert.  I voted for Harry Browne.
> > > :-)
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