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Re: NFC: Re: conservation issues

But he also  wants to encourage equal access to all.

In North Carolina there are a number of private landowners who allow ATV'ers
to ride for a small fee or sometimes for free.  If the law knew about it,
they would probably be shut down under pressure from the Sierra Club or
other radical environazi organization.  Yes, I use the term "environazi" to
describe the sierra club.  A few radicals at the top are running the whole

It is interesting how interests are at odds with one another.  I'll see a
bill endorsed here, but then in my ATV or 4x4 forums I'll see the same bill
being trashed because of a clause that excludes access to motor vehicles.
You'll find most legislation by the Sierra club only lets hikers in.  If the
hikers were blocked out, you'd not get one iota of support from them.

The government is incapable of protecting our environment.  Nay, they are
NOT CONSTITUTIONALLY ALLOWED to fulfill this role.  This is a big part of
the bloat in government that can be lopped off and sold to private
interests.  The money made from the sale cuts your taxes.  The money saved
from lopping it off will cut your taxes.  When you look around at all the
fat that must be trimmed from the federal level, you can clearly see how
Harry Browne was proposing to eliminate the federal income tax altogether.

Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
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> Yikes henry wants to sell all public lands :)
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> > Don't lump me with them either Robert.  I voted for Harry Browne.
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