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Re: NFC: Just a few things from the bucket boy...Oh Boy Another Trip!!

Hey Jim.  Is going to the Florida Tropical Fish Farmers Association Store worth
driving from Gainesville?


Jim Capelle wrote:

> Hello Everybody!!
>     Welcome to the New Year and another year of collecting and fun!
>     As for another trip, I am up for one, but now until May I have to pull
> two weekend duties a month.  This month is a hard one too, as the
> Aquaculture 2001 is the week of Jan.21-25 at Lake Buena Vista, FL. too.  The
> only free days I have would be the 13th and the weekend of the 27-28th of
> this month.
>     Now Chris I know you still think that your living in the center of the
> state and you think everything south of you is "Way South" of the real
> world, so I wonder what you say when you say let's go south??  To keep the
> peace I came to a compromise and called the Hillsborough area as
> South-Central and Miami and the Keys as the Hard Deep South (really another
> world to me too).  I believe that any collecting with this cold spell would
> have to done after we break the Ice on all bodies of water.  With the
> drought still in effect there may be less areas that could be worked
> combining the cold temps and lack of water.  But I am up for any trips on my
> open days.
>     As for a place to find supplies I am ordering some of my stuff for the
> up coming spring and summer seasons (Yes they will come soon too) from a
> place called Forestry Supplies, Inc,   http://www.forestry-suppliers.com/
> The price I believe are fair and the selections good.  I will be getting
> some new pole/hand nets from, Florida Tropical Fish Farmers Association
> Store http://www.ftffa.com/index.html .
>     Well I have taken up enough space here so I should get back to working
> on two projects for next weekend's duty at a military school up at Starke,
> at Camp Blanding Training site.    JiM C.
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> Sent: Monday, January 01, 2001 12:21 AM
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> Scott I got enough nets and buckets for a few people, so don't let that I
> don't have a net stop you....
> The preferred net of choice last time was the 20 foot seine and well it did
> quite well!
> Oh and ya might want to bring a bucket so you can play bucket boy! hehe
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>   Subject: Re: NFC: Just a few things from the bucket boy...
>   I might be able to.  I have the last two weeks of january off.  I will be
> in S. FL for a good part of it but if it during the last weekend (27th-28th)
> I can come back early for the trip.  I am still searching for a good net I
> can afford though.
>   Scott
>   Chris Guppenberger wrote:
>     I first want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope this years fish
> are as great as last years. I went out and had to celebrate by catching some
> exotics!  Only got 13 tilapia, but hey the water was only 48 F ! I was
> wondering if anyone wants to go collecting in Florida in January?  Any
> takers??? DOUG? JIM? I am working on a few companies that will give members
> of the NFC discounts for supplies and such, will keep everyone informed. And
> eventually make a list on my webpage for everyone to check out! Oh anyone
> have any good plans for building a UV sterilizer?  Just wondering if anyone
> has made their own and the success or failure attributed to it! Y'all be
> safe and take care! Chris Guppenbergerthe "ERP bucket boy"   Chris
> Guppenberger
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