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Re: NFC: Just a few things from the bucket boy...Oh Boy Another Trip!!

Hello Everybody!!
    Welcome to the New Year and another year of collecting and fun!
    As for another trip, I am up for one, but now until May I have to pull
two weekend duties a month.  This month is a hard one too, as the
Aquaculture 2001 is the week of Jan.21-25 at Lake Buena Vista, FL. too.  The
only free days I have would be the 13th and the weekend of the 27-28th of
this month.
    Now Chris I know you still think that your living in the center of the
state and you think everything south of you is "Way South" of the real
world, so I wonder what you say when you say let's go south??  To keep the
peace I came to a compromise and called the Hillsborough area as
South-Central and Miami and the Keys as the Hard Deep South (really another
world to me too).  I believe that any collecting with this cold spell would
have to done after we break the Ice on all bodies of water.  With the
drought still in effect there may be less areas that could be worked
combining the cold temps and lack of water.  But I am up for any trips on my
open days.
    As for a place to find supplies I am ordering some of my stuff for the
up coming spring and summer seasons (Yes they will come soon too) from a
place called Forestry Supplies, Inc,   http://www.forestry-suppliers.com/
The price I believe are fair and the selections good.  I will be getting
some new pole/hand nets from, Florida Tropical Fish Farmers Association
Store http://www.ftffa.com/index.html .
    Well I have taken up enough space here so I should get back to working
on two projects for next weekend's duty at a military school up at Starke,
at Camp Blanding Training site.    JiM C.

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Scott I got enough nets and buckets for a few people, so don't let that I
don't have a net stop you....

The preferred net of choice last time was the 20 foot seine and well it did
quite well!

Oh and ya might want to bring a bucket so you can play bucket boy! hehe

Chris Guppenberger
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  I might be able to.  I have the last two weeks of january off.  I will be
in S. FL for a good part of it but if it during the last weekend (27th-28th)
I can come back early for the trip.  I am still searching for a good net I
can afford though.

  Chris Guppenberger wrote:

    I first want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope this years fish
are as great as last years. I went out and had to celebrate by catching some
exotics!  Only got 13 tilapia, but hey the water was only 48 F ! I was
wondering if anyone wants to go collecting in Florida in January?  Any
takers??? DOUG? JIM? I am working on a few companies that will give members
of the NFC discounts for supplies and such, will keep everyone informed. And
eventually make a list on my webpage for everyone to check out! Oh anyone
have any good plans for building a UV sterilizer?  Just wondering if anyone
has made their own and the success or failure attributed to it! Y'all be
safe and take care! Chris Guppenbergerthe "ERP bucket boy"   Chris
    Research Biologist
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