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Re: NFC: UV Sterilizer

I made a UV sterilizer for a system with a metal
cabinet, with shelves removed. It was one that hung on
the wall. I cut two 2" holes in the bottom and two
matching ones in the top. I then ran 2" food grade
teflon tubing in a coil going in the right side of the
bottom of the box, up through the box, made a loop to
the left and back down through the left hand bottom
hole. The inlet came from the pump outside the
reservoir, and the outlet went to the system line.

I mounted three flo. fixtures in the box, two along
the outside edges of the box and one in between the
two teflon coils. I lined the back and the door of the
cabinet with shiny side of aluminum coil. The 3
fixtures took standard 36" uv tubes. The teflon tubing
doesnt get coated with slime or growths, and the tubes
have no cylinders or anything to cut down light.

It worked fine and cleared up cloudiness of the system
water within one day. It was a little over 3,000

Dont try manufacturing these, I copied it from a
company in San Diego that makes systems for hospitals
etc. you can get the teflon tubing through most
plastics supply places or look it up in the Thomas
Register. Dont make the mistake of opening it without
turning the lights off !!

--- Chris Guppenberger <jcguppy at gnc_net> wrote:
> I first want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and
> hope this years fish are as great as last years. 
> I went out and had to celebrate by catching some
> exotics!  Only got 13 tilapia, but hey the water was
> only 48 F !
> I was wondering if anyone wants to go collecting in
> Florida in January?  Any takers??? DOUG? JIM?  
> I am working on a few companies that will give
> members of the NFC discounts for supplies and such,
> will keep everyone informed. And eventually make a
> list on my webpage for everyone to check out!
> Oh anyone have any good plans for building a UV
> sterilizer?  Just wondering if anyone has made their
> own and the success or failure attributed to it!
> Y'all be safe and take care!
> Chris Guppenberger
> the "ERP bucket boy" 
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