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NFC: Just a few things from the bucket boy...

I first want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope this years fish are as great as last years.
I went out and had to celebrate by catching some exotics!  Only got 13 tilapia, but hey the water was only 48 F !
I was wondering if anyone wants to go collecting in Florida in January?  Any takers??? DOUG? JIM? 
I am working on a few companies that will give members of the NFC discounts for supplies and such, will keep everyone informed. And eventually make a list on my webpage for everyone to check out!
Oh anyone have any good plans for building a UV sterilizer?  Just wondering if anyone has made their own and the success or failure attributed to it!
Y'all be safe and take care!
Chris Guppenberger
the "ERP bucket boy"
Chris Guppenberger
Research Biologist
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