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Re: NFC: Aquariums

It is a minor difference on a small aquarium but can amount to quite a bit
on larger. I would take the measurement from the inside to calculate the
gallons for weight distribution and engineering aspects. You would also need
to consider substrate decorations and tank material for total weight
distribution. I have a nifty program I downloaded from the internet if you
would like. It is really easy to use you enter one factor and convert to
another. James
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> Got that part...do you take the measurement from the inside of the tank or
> the outside?  My tank is 22.5 cubic feet by outside dimensions and only
> cubic feet on the inside.  Basically I'm asking if there's a standard...is
> tank volume determined by how much water it can hold, or how much it could
> displace.  The only reason I give a crap is for resale purposes.  Can I
> advertise my tank as a 145 or a 170?
> There's a common tank size (6 feet x 2 feet x 18 inches).  This is a 135
> the outside and a 120 on the inside.  Looking through the paper should I
> assume a 135 and a 120 are the same tanks?  Maybe I'll just go to an
> aquarium store with a tape measure and calculator.
> Larry
> > cubic feet X 7.4805 = gallons.
> > jake
> >