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Re: NFC: glass worms

In a message dated 12/29/00 7:06:12 PM US Central Standard Time, 
archimed at netdoor_com writes:

<< > > they cant be colony reared as when the temp tuns 40-50 ish the molt and
 > > fly away !
 > Drat! Now I know where those pesky flying insects in my apartment came
 > from. I thought I had left the screen door open. :)
 For similar reasons I discontinued my "colony" of mosquito larvae ;-

Before things froze over, I hauled green water from my daphnia pond to my 
indoor daphnia culture.  Apparently there was mosquito eggs or larvae and I 
have found some flying around the house.  I suppose I could rig up some sort 
of screen over the daphnia cultures so if they hatch, they stay in the 
enclosed area and eventually expire.  

Chuck Church
in frozen Indianapolis where it hasn't gotten much over 20* for a few weeks.