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Re: NFC: Aquariums


NOW...anyone know how to get stains out of the surface of glass?  Can they
be buffed out or anything?  I bought a used 150 gallon tank and pulled all
the panels apart and wanted to clean them up before resealing.  There's
stains on both sides that no combination of alcohol, acetone, a razor and
scrub pad can get rid of.  The stains are a very light gray color and are
completely transparent when wet.  This is driving me crazy...I just want to
put this tank back together.

ANY advice is greatly appreciated.

> At 4:47 PM -0600 12/29/00, Larry Needham wrote:
> >Does anyone know if you can use a plexiglass panel on a glass aquarium?
> >Will silicon hold to the plexi like it will to glass?
> I don't recommend doing this.  Glass tanks are designed to meet certain
> structural specifications based on the strength of the glass and the
> strength of the bond between the glass and the silicone sealant.  Silicone
> sealant does not bond to plexiglas with anywhere near the same strength as
> it does to glass.  Glass contains silicon and forms a strong chemical bond
> with the sealant.  Plexi does not.  You might get away with it on a small
> tank.  The water pressure on a large tank will eventually force the joints
> to split.  Acrylic tanks are bonded with solvent type adhesives that weld
> the plastic sheets together.
> Mark
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