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Re: NFC: Aquariums

At 4:47 PM -0600 12/29/00, Larry Needham wrote:
>Does anyone know if you can use a plexiglass panel on a glass aquarium?
>Will silicon hold to the plexi like it will to glass?

I don't recommend doing this.  Glass tanks are designed to meet certain
structural specifications based on the strength of the glass and the
strength of the bond between the glass and the silicone sealant.  Silicone
sealant does not bond to plexiglas with anywhere near the same strength as
it does to glass.  Glass contains silicon and forms a strong chemical bond
with the sealant.  Plexi does not.  You might get away with it on a small
tank.  The water pressure on a large tank will eventually force the joints
to split.  Acrylic tanks are bonded with solvent type adhesives that weld
the plastic sheets together.

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