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Re: NFC: Fish Behavior

Larry, I haven't had a Pike or Musky, but I do have a Grass Pickerel. He is
very aggresive, but only towards the feeders. He is very amicable towards
his tank mates, which are Bluegills, Yellow Perch, Algae Eater and a
Bullhead. The Perch also is not aggresive towards other tankmates but gets
very aggresive when the feeders are introduced. The most aggresive fish in
the tank is the Bluegills. They are always trying to pick on the other
fish. Mostly each other, but they occasionally will nip at the Pickerel and
Perch. They stay away from the Bullhead though. One other note, the Esox
fish are primarily "surprise" hunters. Meaning that they lounge about
waiting for a fish to swim in too close, then they grab it. If you mix in
more then one they will become more aggressive to ensure that they get
their share.

You can check out my website for pics. www.mia.net/tyhall/pets.htm

I recommend against the Pike or Muskies because of the size they can reach.
Instead I tell people to look more at the Pickerel's. Grass are smaller and
Chain can reach a fairly good size. What size will the tank be?

Let me know if I can be of any service or if you have any other specific


Hello all,
    New to the list here.  I was just curious if there is a particular book
or web page of some sort that has a good reference to native fish behaviors
or at least further detail than just a paragraph or two.
    I am preparing to setup a second tank in my home with a combonation of
possibly two or more of Tiger Muskie, Northern Pike, Large/Smallmouth Bass,
Yellow Perch, Walleye and maybe some Bluegill or Sunfish.  I want at least
one extrememly agressive fish to dominate the tank.  Right now I'm leaning
toward the Norther Pike.  I know Yellow Perch School (at least in the
winter), so I'm leaning towards 3 - 4 of them also.
    I got an Aligator Gar in my 150 Gallon Tank for this purpose...but it
turns out they are they laziest fish on the planet.  Total disapointment.
As a child I caught a 5 inch Yellow Perch on a 4 inch Repella Lure.  Now
that is COOL!  I had a 135 Gallon setup with a largemouth bass and was
incredibly happy with the setup.  The bass ran the show and was VERY
agressive.  Even when he wasn't hungary he'd chase the feeder minnows just
for his own enjoyment.  But when he was truly ready to eat...his colors
would get very dark, with the black stripe down his side that usually
there black as the night, every last fin would stand at full attention and
he would attack.  It was an amazing sight.  As long as a Pike or Muskie
this potential I'd rather have one of them...but I'm having a hard time
finding out if they are that aggressive or not.
    Anyway, thank you for your time.

Happy New Years!