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NFC: Whiter River Fish Kill - interesting angle in today's paper

Below is link to article in the business section of the Indianapolis Star 
The interesting point is not so much the resignation of the chairman but the 
theory that Guide Corp.'s owner might simply allow the company to go bankrupt 
to avoid financial responsibility.  

Not surprising, I suppose.  The denial, while it could be accurate, is not 
surprising either.  In my many years in the business world, my experiences 
have taught me that many business people and consumers alike unflinchingly 
will lie about past acts and future intentions.  

On a personal note, if this turns out to be true, clearly financial losses 
are not sufficient to protect the environment and making people act in 
responsible, ethical ways.  Perhaps effective, enforced laws that put 
executives and owners in jail for sufficient time are in order.  

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Guide chief says exit not tied to river spill

By Ted Evanoff

Indianapolis Star

December 23, 2000 

DETROIT -- A lot of people in Indiana wonder if the White River chemical 
spill set in motion Dennis Pawley's resignation as chairman of Anderson auto 
parts maker Guide Corp.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the city of Anderson have filed 
separate lawsuits linking last December's river disaster to Guide's factories 
in Madison County.

 <A HREF="http://www.starnews.com/business/articles/ted1223.html">
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