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Re: NFC: Snake River dam removal proposal

I would like to see the discussion if emotions can be

I mentioned one of his ideas on another list and it
put down by several. The idea of the stream bypasses
is one being considered by many and has been offered
as a possible solution to a bad problem. As Scott
mentions, the abrupt breaching of these dams will
cause incredible siltification of the downstream areas
which could itself wipeout the threatened populations

In hindsight it appears the dams were/are a bad idea.
Replacing them with a worse idea is to be avoided.

Some of the bypasses have been estimated to be doable
for 5 to ten million, wheras complete removal of some
of the dams could be in the billions.

Lets look at these suggestions of Scotts.
--- BR0630 at aol_com wrote:
> In a message dated Thu, 21 Dec 2000 11:04:01 PM
> Eastern Standard Time, 
> robertrice at juno_com writes:
> << Might I reccomend this forum for a polite
> discussion of the issues. it
> will be a real education for all of us on the
> matters at hand and the
> science model.
> I agree with Robert.  Much of what Scott suggests
> squares with other first 
> hand accounts I have heard.
> Bruce Scott
> Meridian, Idaho

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