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Re: NFC: Peacock Bass & juliols site

Here's a link to Steve Lundblad's site.

http://www.cichlidexchange.com/#Central and South American

He has cichla ocellaris for sale (2.5" at $7 per) but he requires a minimum 
order of $100.  If you live near Portland, Oregon, you may be able to pick 
some up without dealing with the minimum, but he used to run a strictly 
wholesale business, so I don't know if he'll sell retail locally.

Another option is Anchor Bay Aquarium.  If they don't have peacocks right 
now, they may be able to locate some for you:


Or if you're near Miami, Florida you can go out and catch your own!

Good luck!


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>  you can take a look at the exotics julio currently
>offers at:
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