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NFC: Snake River dam removal proposal

Each of these questions....such good ones we all should consider.  Some of
those college professors reading this post should consider integrating these
into final or comprehensive exams for graduate-level students.  As for
Scott, who posed the questions, I'd love to approach each one individually
over time.  If you'd really like to discuss these questions you have, please
contact me at my email addresses:  brycedan at mindspring_com or
bedan73 at hotmail_com and I'd love to approach them, and we can both vent.
Before approaching, however, I'd like to ask a couple of questions of you to
clarify some of the questions.  If you're interested, please contact me.
This is not to argue, b/c I think some of these questions would deal with a
larger ideal than just the Snake River salmon, and I'd love to generate some
discussion regarding these issues.  From the form of your questions, I would
assume that we may disagree on some things, but in order to reach an answer
to these and many other questions that will likely arise, it's always best
to consider all ideas of all interested parties.  I'm not sure if I'm making
sense of what I'm getting at, but I'd love to begin a dialogue, and maybe I
could clarify.  Keep in touch.
Bryce Daniels