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NFC: New On-line Fish Shop

The first draft of Jonah's Aquarium is now up and running.  The web address
is http://jonahsaquarium.com/  or just jonahsaquarium.com

* The site features live fish shipped to your door and has a good selection
of North American fishes.

* Besides fish, there is a full line of aquarium supplies, fish foods and

* We plan to provide extensive information resources and articles on fish
and fish keeping.

* Gift certificates are available if you haven't finished your Christmas
shopping yet!

* If you would like to receive future notices about happenings at Jonah's
Aquarium, send your address to jonah at mail_jonahsaquarium.com  Put "Keep Me
Posted" in the subject line or text.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled list discussion!

Jonah's Aquarium
PO Box 1231
Worthington OH 43085-1231
jonah at mail_jonahsaquarium.com
Phone 614-431-9862