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NFC: Re: Native Fish Conservancy Digest V2 #366

    I'll go $12 on this box.  Obviously, for this auction I will have to stop 
receiving this list in digest form only :-).
>  Gerald Pottern: GBPottern at aol_com 
>  Box 2:  6 Everglades pygmy sunfish, Elassoma evergladei, from Elberta, 
>  Alabama.   Tank-raised & ready to breed.  Blue-green to green-gold
>  blotches 
>  and speckles on black body and fins (males).  More colorful than any
>  Atlantic 
>  coast populations I've seen.  Will eat frozen foods, but do best with
>  live 
>  food.  Philodina rotifer & mixed infusoria culture (for newborns)
>  included.  
>  Bid plus postage, priority mail.