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NFC: Fw: International Press Release, etc.

River Lovers,
    Stop Ichetucknee Cement Kiln is, of course, only one group which is 
fighting the cement kiln at the Ichetucknee.  Ichetucknee Mobilization,
of the Rivers, SOS, Sierra Club, and individuals continue to work, even
the trees are cleared from the Suwannee/American site. S/A has NOT begun 
construction of the kiln, only of the batch plant, on site, as they
    Of utmost importance, of course, are the court cases pending.  SICK's

lawyer, Bill Ogle, has asked that concerned river lovers be present at
oral argument in the Appeals Court in Tallahassee January 24.  Lawyers
Ogle and John Rimes, of the Attorney General's office, will argue that
is not a "resource based activity," and that the Suwannee County
erred when it did not change the zoning from agriculture to
    SICK's efforts to import cheaper, green cement continue.
    Tom Bronokowski of PBS in Jacksonville is completing an hour long 
documentary on the entire Ichetucknee drama, to be aired early this
    The following is a press release sent to newspapers around the world
this precipitous time, when Florida and Jeb Bush are in the news.
Virginia Seacrist
SICK, Chairperson

This press release was sent out on Dec, 8, 2000.  I wrote a book, Path of
Feather with Mary Rockwood Lane, our publisher, Putnam hired Planned 
Television Arts a public relations firm to publicize the book, they sent
release out.  I am mentioned in it because of these circumstances, the 
publisher made it happen because of our book.  Since Mary Rockwood Lane
and I 
wrote Path of the Feather we have been doing all we can to fight the
plant and save the sacred Ichetucknee River, that is why we built 
www.ichytucknee.org.  We hope this helps, We pray and make medicine
and do ritual to help this release reach people who can and will help. 
will stop this cement plant and save this river. We will.  
Michael Samuels, M.D. webmaster, www.ichytucknee.org 
The animals wrote the Path of the Feather, the Ichetucknee wrote Path of
Feather.  They sung to us, they wanted the spirit animals to be heard
the rivers to be saved, the earth to be healed. We dedicate this work to
Ichetucknee, we will donate part of the Path of the Feather sales to save

this sacred river and the bear habitats in Florida.  We do.  In the next 
days, do all you can to make the press release reach all the people on
list below, sing, call people, act.  Mary Rockwood Lane and Michael Jay 

Florida Republican Politics is Destroying a Crystal Clear River

The same cast of characters that is involved in the Presidential election

battle- Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, House speaker Feeney, and the Florida

legislature and courts- will decide the fate of the crystal clear,
Ichetucknee river.  Legal battles, corruption, convictions, huge
contributions, and bribery, surround Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida, and
Struhs, head of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Agency, in 
their secret decision to permit a tire burning cement plant 3.8 miles
the Ichetucknee.  Ironically, Struhs is rumored to be on George W. Bush's

short list to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.
The proposed plant by Suwannee American Company (an organization already 
convicted of pollution and involved in bribery) will release mercury,
and hundreds of other toxic pollutants into the environment of the
Ichetucknee river, one of the last clear rivers in the south.  The beauty
this river makes it the second most visited Florida state park.
and beloved, the river and its animals are a sacred part of the lives of
people and are the soul of the area. 
    Leading the fight against the despoiling of this great national
is a remarkable man.  Michael Samuels, M.D., a formally trained medical 
doctor and immunogeneticist, was profiled this week on ABC's Good Morning

America for his work in bringing shamanic healing to the desperately ill.
Samuels, a contemporary Shaman, has brought ancient Native American
practices to the public in his new book THE PATH OF THE FEATHER.  "The
role of the Shaman," Samuels says, "is not just the healing of individual

people.  No, a true shaman invests as much of himself in healing the 
community and the earth.  My quest to save the Ichetucknee River mirrors
work in healing a terribly ill woman of cancer.  The corruption and
surrounding the building of this plant is like a cancer on the earth."
    The fight over the Ichetucknee River mirrors the national tempest
Florida's 25 electoral votes.  Like that saga, it is replete with
politicking, secret meetings, corrupt officials, overt
huge political contributions, and bitter court battles.  Jeb Bush's 
administration is at the center of another violent storm - one they don't

want anyone to find out about.