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NFC: Fw: Endangered Salmon Update - Action Needed Now! SEND FAX~a274u90388t0~


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December 11, 2000


President Clinton has only a few weeks left to decide 
whether to save wild Snake River salmon or allow them to 
become extinct, turning them into museum artifacts. To 
prevent the extinction of these legendary fish, President 
Clinton ought to follow the science and choose dam removal 
as the right path for their recovery.

The administration's original salmon recovery plan has been 
hidden from the public until recently, when it was uncovered 
by a reporter. This original plan respected the opinions of 
leading scientists, who say we need to be ready to remove 
four dams on the lower Snake River to save the wild salmon. 
Instead, however, the administration's more recent plan 
relies on the same failed strategies tried for the last 20 
years, and would delay dam removal until it's too late.

Don't let our government waste money on programs that are 
really just meant to save the dams, and won't work to save 
the salmon. Tell the White House to ensure it leaves a 
positive environmental legacy by returning to its original 
plan to remove the lower Snake dams. 

Delay equals extinction. Send the White House a message 
today. We've made it easy for you -- just reply to this 
email and we'll automatically fax the message below to 
President Clinton and Vice President Gore. Or, if you prefer 
to call, the White House comment line is 202-456-1414.

Once again, thanks for being part of the Save Our 
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preserve and protect the Earth's natural treasures and 
quality of life.

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Fax message -- just reply to this email and we'll send this 
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Dear President Clinton and Vice President Gore,

Your administration has a historic opportunity to save Snake 
River salmon from extinction. In order to save these 
legendary fish, you must follow the advice of scientists and 
include the removal of the Snake River dams as the 
cornerstone of your salmon recovery plan.

Biologists tell us that bypassing the four lower Snake River 
dams is the surest way to restore wild salmon, but the 
federal recovery plan currently under consideration relies 
on the same failed strategies we have tried for more than 20 
years. Before you leave office, please tell your agencies to 
improve their recovery plan by committing to begin removing 
the four lower Snake River dams by 2005 if salmon 
populations haven't shown dramatic recovery with other 
methods. In the meantime, implement the short-term measures 
essential to help the salmon survive -- such as fish 
hatchery reforms, better water flows, habitat improvements, 
and better harvest management -- and instruct federal 
agencies to move ahead now with the necessary engineering 
and economic studies.

Follow the advice of scientists and give wild Snake River 
salmon their best chance for recovery. Please don't let 
extinction be your legacy.


[Your name and address]

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