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NFC: Re: Arizona Exotic removal

Well you could fly a few of the team from Florida, with me being part of the
team~(:>)), and we'll show how to flood your boots and get your sneakers
stuck in the mud ~(:>)).   You must deal with the Gambusia/Dambusia
yourself.  Sorry I couldn't help it, I am in too good of a mood today.  JiM
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Subject: NFC: Arizona Exotic removal

> Arizona folks chime in
> From: Jim Walters <jim.walters at pcmail_maricopa.edu>
> To: President at nativefish_org
> Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 10:58:56 -0700
> Subject: Exotic removal
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> Hi,
> I'm quite concerned by the invasion of exotics into streams in Arizona.
> The exotics here include bullfrogs, crayfish, and Gambusia.  What kind
> of assistance does The Native Fish Conservancy offer for such an
> effort?  I'm not concerned about this as a commercial enterprise, but
> just want to work at restoring the few remaining streams to their prior
> (pre exotic) state in order to provide habitat for the remaining native
> fish.
> Thanks,
> Jim Walters