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Re: NFC: Tank and chiller for sale- cheap

They've just about completely sold out of aquarium supplies. There are a few
filter odds and ends (penguins, smaller eclipse systems, filter bags, etc),
powerheads, and heaters left. The only new tanks remaining are a 37 high and
a ten gal, a nice oak stand for 55 gals. and a few wrought iron stands.

There's also an impressive stack of 10 gallon tank/Emporer filter/glass
canopy combos (their old stock tanks) which they're selling for $12.99 each.
These tanks and filters are pretty coated with algae and water deposits, and
most of the tanks have been painted green on the outside of the back pane of
glass. But the equipment should all work.

I also received word of a closing pet store in Rochelle, IL (about 20
minutes west of here) but do not know exactly where in that town it is. A
classmate of mine said his buddy just picked up a used 55 gal for $7 there
last week. I'd imagine that store has pretty much been picked through by

Tony Gustafson
Web Site Facilitator
Sigma Tau Delta Central Office
DeKalb, IL

On Wed, 06 Dec 2000 07:23:04 -0600, nfc at actwin_com wrote:

>  I would of snagged this to, had I seen this post before Klaus! dang! Do
>  have any other goodies available? I'm not too far from DeKalb and would
>  willing to make a run down there this weekend.
>  Ty
>  Tony Gustafson wrote:
>  > George's Pet Store in DeKalb, IL (about 45 minutes west of Chicago) is
>  > out of business. They are selling a used 100 gal aquarium & chiller
>  > for $100. The setup has been used for the past 10 years to house
>  > feeders and pond fish.

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