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NFC: Fw: Jewel Cichlids Biology

Any help

From: Trent.Williams at nt_gov.au
To: president at nativefish_org
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 13:52:53 +0930
Subject: Jewel Cichlids Biology
Message-ID: <OFBFDC1524.042B352F-ON692569AD.00171AB2 at emag_nt.gov.au>

Dear Sir/Madam

I recently had the pleasure of finding your web site
http://www.nativefish.org/ERP/index.html i found the site very
interesting. I am
currently employed as a fisheries technician with the Northern Territory
Government of Australia Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries. 
I work
with the division responsible for Aquatic Pest Management. We were able
recently remove around 300 jewel cichlids from a local creek and i am now
in the
process of writing a paper on the cichlids.

I am hopping that you are able to direct me to some papers on the biology
cichlids - including gonad information etc.  a few names of authors would
me to complete a more efficient search for information on the fish.  If
you are
able to help in anyway it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Trent Williams
Technical Officer
Aquatic Pest Management