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Re: NFC: Auction

Auction is OVER...thanks for your support Please Pay Via Paypal or by check to NFC at
Robert Rice
3635 NW 68th Lane
Gainesville Florida
Updated bids
Auction IS ON Until Sunday 5 PM EST bid online...all bids include Postage, NFC MEMBERS ONLY may Win. We do accept Pay Pal
 Bid right here online. Good luck
Box #1 of the NFC auction was Donated by Klause S.                                     $35 Joe Eisenhart
It Will include.
 Notropis chrosomus        rainbow shiner
Cyprinella trichloresta   tri-color shiner
Phoxinus erythrogaster    Southern Red Belly Dace
1 pr mystery darter       Depends on what I catch this
weekend .... stay tuned.  at least 15 fish
Box #2 Donated By Bruce Scott :                                                              $20 Sam Beavin
6 tadpole madtoms (N.gyrinus)
6 dwarf crayfish  (C.shufedtii)
4 golden topminnows (F.chrysotus)
4 pumpkinseed sunfish (L.gibbosus)
Box #3 Donated by James Guppenberg                                                 $37 Pierre Gagne
Guaranteed 25 FISH!
Mixed variety of
Fundulus Chrysotus
Jordanella floridae
Lucania goodei
Heterandria formosa
cyprinadon- fresh water sheepshead minnows
(be the first on your block to own one)
Box #4 A Late Addition of Plants from Josh Weigert                         $15 Bruce Scott
1 Big Bunch Java Moss
1 Big Bunch Nitella (floating plant)
1 Small Anubians nanna
1 Bunch each: Scarlette Hygro, Green Hygro, Bacopa
I'm going to sweeten up my auction a bit, since no one's bidding in it as
much as I'd like.
Including in it:  One culture of microworms, one good-sized Amazon Sword.
Item #5 1 Hour of Consulting By  Brad Kerr                                     $10 Ty Hall
.   I will throw in an hour of  biological consultation to your
auction.  I charge $125 an hour at retail for design work in aquatic
habitats.   If the winning bidder needs a bit more than an hour, I won't
charge them.  I can usually do quite a lot to help a person develop or
improve their ponds in this amount of time.
any questions contact Brad at ucanbe at trouthooker_net
Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts
On Tue, 5 Dec 2000 22:16:49 EST BR0630 at aol_com writes:
> I've been away from my email for a day or two so missed out on the
> results of
> the auction.  Does anyone have that information?
> Thanks in advance,
> Bruce Scott
Robert Rice
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