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Re: NFC: Re: Tank and chiller for sale- cheap

No problem. I'll talk to the owner tomorrow and see if I can hold it for
you. I'll take care of any deposit and you can square up with me whenever
you get out here. Everything's going fast and their last business day will
be Jan 5.

BTW, they also have a 75 gal w/chiller and built-in filter going for $800.
Its stand is about 3' tall and overall it's a much nicer looking setup.

Tony Gustafson
Web Site Facilitator
Sigma Tau Delta Central Office
DeKalb, IL

On Tue, 5 Dec 2000 21:59:05 -0800, nfc at actwin_com wrote:

>   I will buy it if you will secure it for me :-)
>  I send the money and will pick up before Jan 1st??  would that be ok?

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