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NFC: Tank and chiller for sale- cheap

George's Pet Store in DeKalb, IL (about 45 minutes west of Chicago) is going
out of business. They are selling a used 100 gal aquarium & chiller combo
for $100. The setup has been used for the past 10 years to house x-large
feeders and pond fish.

The tank is more of a cube shaped aquarium than the usual "long" style
aquariums and sits on a stand that's about 18" high (it even has wheels).
Water pump and wet-dry filter unit are also included. Only problem I could
see is that the water intake is a plastic & screen plate that fits on the
bottom- nothing a little creativity couldn't overcome when setting up a
display tank.

The whole setup looks a little beat up, but seems like an excellent deal for
native fish enthusiasts. I would have bought it tonight if I thought I even
had a 1% of getting it past my fiancee. If anyone is interested in checking
out the tank, let me know and I'll send directions.

Tony Gustafson
Web Site Facilitator
Sigma Tau Delta Central Office
DeKalb, IL

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