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Re: NFC: mangrove pods (was banana plant)

Back on the subject of mangroves, does anybody out there have 
any suggestions for candidates to put in my mangrove biotope of 
the western Atlantic? At the present time, I have a juvenile 
mangrove snapper and a sergeant major, but I'm not married to the 
idea to keeping them. The mangroves are in a 20G but will make 
the move to a 55G soon. Any attractive fish suggestions? How 
about inverts? I know this is mostly a FW group, but I am really 
interested in marine species. I am currently in Galveston, Texas 
and thus in good shape to get many of my own natives, though 
most of what I get is drab compared to stuff from warmer Florida 
waters. There are often many tropical species in summer, however.
Thanks for the ideas,