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Re: NFC: Box #3 bid- online auction

PGagne2000 at aol_com wrote:
>     So now if I get them I have to feel guilty about taking them from some
> needy club:-) ?

<VBG> I see my tear-jerking ploy didn't work worth diddly. :-)

>      Boy, I hope my wife never finds out what I bid for these.  If it weren't
> for a good cause, I couldn't justify it myself.  As it happens though, I only
> want so many native fish, and almost all of these are on my list.  Plus, the
> mystery cat is like a grab bag to me.  Thirty seven dollars bid on box number
> three.

Well, good luck to you. I'm bested for now. [grumble, grumble]

>     PS- for prices like these, perhaps Chris could be convinced to recreate
> the box at least once for personal profit:-).
> >  Box #3 Donated by James
> >  > Guppenberg
> >
> >  Sorry Pierre, my club needs some of these. I bid $30     (was $21 Pierre
> >  Gagne)
> >
> >  > Guaranteed 25 FISH!
> >  > Mixed variety of
> >  > Fundulus Chrysotus
> >  > Jordanella floridae
> >  > Lucania goodei
> >  > Heterandria formosa
> >  > cyprinadon- fresh water sheepshead minnows
> >  > (be the first on your block to own one)
> >

The killies listed here are unusually suited to aquarium life, for they can
take warmer water, year around, than many midwestern and NE fish. 

What would be best for the Bay Area Killifish Assn. would actually be a box
for the sale tables at our big annual bash the end of April. The "West Coast
Weekend" 10th Annual Killifish Show and Convention will be featuring a joint
show with the livebearers, next spring (4th weekend in April). All of these
fish, but the catfish, are highly suited to that crowd.

Folks come from all over the US, Europe and Japan for this one. The foreign
visitors are particularly delighted to take home US natives. If Chris or
James or whoever would contact me off line, maybe we can set up an NFC box
to feature some of these same fish in April. IMHO, its one of the very best
ways to introduce fish folk to some of our more beautiful native fish.

Others who wish to enter fish in that show should contact me, in March, if
they aren't active in AKA or on the killy lists to get the "send to:"
address and timing.



       Wright Huntley, Fremont CA, USA, 510 612-1467 
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