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NFC: Box #3 bid- online auction

    So now if I get them I have to feel guilty about taking them from some 
needy club:-) ? 
     Boy, I hope my wife never finds out what I bid for these.  If it weren't 
for a good cause, I couldn't justify it myself.  As it happens though, I only 
want so many native fish, and almost all of these are on my list.  Plus, the 
mystery cat is like a grab bag to me.  Thirty seven dollars bid on box number 
    Pierre Gagne
    Kensington, MD
    PS- for prices like these, perhaps Chris could be convinced to recreate 
the box at least once for personal profit:-).  

>  Box #3 Donated by James
>  > Guppenberg
>  Sorry Pierre, my club needs some of these. I bid $30     (was $21 Pierre
>  Gagne)
>  > Guaranteed 25 FISH!
>  > Mixed variety of
>  > Fundulus Chrysotus
>  > Jordanella floridae
>  > Lucania goodei
>  > Heterandria formosa
>  > cyprinadon- fresh water sheepshead minnows
>  > (be the first on your block to own one)