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NFC: Re: mangrove pods (was banana plant) re: links

And from my big list of more bookmarks comes a couple for mangrove plants
try : http://www.globaldialog.com/~jrice/mangrove/mangrove.htm

    JiM C.
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Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2000 12:28 PM
Subject: NFC: mangrove pods (was banana plant)

> Speaking of mangrove pods.... I got some a year or two ago and have them
> growing nicely in a ten gallon tank with about 4" of aquarium gravel mixed
> w/ a bit of potting soil and varying levels of water (1"-5") so sometimes
> the level is below gravel, sometimes above.  They plants are doing
> as houseplants in Colorado but I'm wondering if anyone has tried using
> in their aquariums?  Mine aren't sending out any of the breather roots and
> I'm wondering if it's because they're too young/small (the tallest is
> 2 1/2') or if the water level is so low they simply don't need to.  As
> unlikely I'll be able to obtain any more any time soon, I'm reluctant to
> anything that might kill my plants.
> I'd like to hear anyone else's experience with these guys.  They're
> beautiful plants.
> -kris
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